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Caffeine Can Boost your Memory and Thinking Skills, with the Right Diet


Many people around the world love coffee because of its wonderful taste and stimulating effect on the senses. However, coffee also has many different benefits for your health, from preventing Alzheimer’s disease to keeping your liver healthy.

A recent study has also revealed that caffeine, combined with a healthy diet, may help boost one’s memory and thinking skills. This means that coffee not only gives you a temporary boost in mental function, but could also give you long-term effects for your cognitive health.

Caffeine and your brain

Caffeine is great at tricking your brain, which is why you get a nice boost of energy when you’ve had one cup or two. It’s a stimulant for your brain that also blocks receptors for the chemical adenosine. Without this chemical, caffeine flows more freely, which explains your energy rush as well as the possible improvement of your cognitive functions.

People who have reached the age of 70 and above, who drank more caffeine throughout the years, were found to have better scores on tests designed to measure mental function. In addition, they also did very well on tests for memory and other types of cognitive functions. Previous studies have also indicated caffeine has improved cognitive performance for long-term memory and thinking.

How your cup of coffee boosts your memory

Caffeine is known to enhance select memories 24 hours after consumption with its benefits on cognitive functions, making them strong and resistant to forgetting. This is because caffeine helps greatly when it comes to pattern separation, which is a deeper level of our retention of memory.

In addition, it was also a common belief that consuming caffeine can lead to dehydration, but recent studies have found that the truth is to the contrary. Moderate coffee consumption didn’t actually cause significant difference across indications of hydration compared to drinking water.

A healthy diet for balance

Having a healthy diet helps greatly when it comes to improving your mental performance. It’s no secret that people who eat food that contain more healthy nutrients get better memory and attention. Good thinking skills have been linked to a healthy diet, especially when foods of the Mediterranean diet are included.

This consists mainly of whole grains, vegetables, fruits and more, which help in memory preservation and the prevention of forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s. This is why maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, along with your caffeine consumption in moderation, can combine to give you a boost in mental health.

The perfect recipe for your memory

In your quest for better memory and cognitive function, keep in mind that too much caffeine will not be good for you. Drinking coffee in moderation would work best, especially when you pair it with a healthy diet.

It will not only be good for your brain, but for your muscles, heart, bones, and general well-being as well. Keep in mind as well that putting add-ons on your coffee, such as cream or sugar, may counter the benefits you get, so keep those in extreme moderation as well.

Coffee lovers can’t praise their favourite beverage enough: it serves as a mood enhancer and also has benefits such as the prevention of some types of cancers. No doubt, coffee is a drink many people enjoy all over the world. Like many things, too much of it can be bad, but having just the right amount, coupled with healthy eating, can bring wonders to your health for many more years to come.

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