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​How to Get the Most Out of Your Coffee and Get More Productive


There has been a lot of debate over the years as to what coffee really does for your productivity. Some people claim that they wouldn’t be able to get things done without a cup of coffee. Still, others say that coffee actually inhibits your ability to be productive with what you do.


Whatever the reasons for these, it is true that caffeine can be a huge factor in your productivity. The key is to drink coffee the right way, keeping in mind several factors so that you can have a boost in your mental alertness. Here are the recommended steps to be taken when it comes to drinking your cup of joe in direct relation to productivity.

Drink coffee over a longer period

In order to avoid shocking your system with too much caffeine all at once, take your caffeine consumption slowly over a longer period. This way, your body will have a chance to clear out the caffeine and you won’t experience any crash. Make sure you have the tolerance for the amount of coffee you are consuming and don’t increase your dose suddenly – as this can have negative effects on your system.

Stay hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is a must for your health. This is why you have to replenish your body with water in the morning after waking up. Proper hydration allows you to keep your focus. When you drink water along with your coffee in the morning, you’ll find that you are able to focus much better.

Steer clear of energy drinks

There are many energy drinks available that can help you get an added boost. However, energy drinks contain a lot of sugar, which can put a spike on your body’s insulin level. Drinking coffee along with energy drinks is definitely not advisable as this will make you crash hard.

Eat proper and healthy meals

When you drink coffee, it’s best not to do it on an empty stomach. Eat food that metabolizes on a slower manner, such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables. These types of food will keep you full, letting you have more energy for a longer period. Having your caffeine without a proper meal would trigger the production of hydrochloric acid, which is used in food digestion. This will mess up your energy and can even lead to weight gain as it would make it harder to digest meals later.

Wait a little before the second cup

Many people drink their second cup of coffee immediately after the first to get themselves stimulated for work. However, this can be detrimental for your body as too much caffeine all at once can be bad. Instead, put a longer period between your first and second cup, and you’ll be able to focus much better and get more productive.

Drinking coffee does give you that much-needed boost for productivity, helping you focus with more energy and positive feeling. However, this can only be achieved when you observe the proper precautions against caffeine crash. Keep in mind that coffee can affect your productivity negatively as well and give you a stimulation overload. This in turn, would lead to a loss of focus and energy.

Take these steps in getting the most out of your cup of coffee and you’ll be rewarded with the boost you need to get going and get things done. Take your caffeine wisely and you’ll be sure to get more productive, especially when you have such savory blends asAdore Coffee’s tasteful choices.


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