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​What Your Go-To Coffee Order Says About You


Certain things about people that are readily observed – their clothes, their styles, their choices – clue us in on their personalities. Little things that we do reveal who we are as people, even stuff like ordering your preferred coffee blend. Studies suggest that the type of coffee that we order directly correlates with the kind of personality we have. Here, we explore different coffee blends and what the people who order them are generally like.

ead these results and see where you fall when it comes to the relationship between coffee blends and a person’s psyche. This data is based on the participants’ responses to certain questions related to lifestyle. The results are interesting, and sometimes generally accurate, but of course some may fall in between these types while some may have personalities different from what is expected with their favourite coffee blend.

Black coffee

People who opt for black coffee to get them going throughout their mornings are considered as old-fashioned purists who like to keep things simple. These types of people are set in their ways, exhibiting great capacity for patience and efficiency in everything they do. They can also be quite reserved and even a little moody at times, with a tendency for abrupt and dismissive behavior. That said, the black coffee drinker could be someone who resists change.

Instant coffee

People who opt for the ease and cheap convenience of instant coffee are the laid back caffeine drinkers of the world. They can be traditional in some ways in life, with a tendency to procrastinate and take life as it goes. The details are not something they get lost in and they may neglect their health at times, planning poorly and putting things off.

Frozen coffee drinks or other blends

The drinker of frozen coffee drinks or blends likes to try new things in life and is known as being socially bold. People who like their coffee this way are trendsetters and a bit childlike, with a spontaneous and imaginative quality. They like quick fixes and tend not to make healthy choices at times, with a capacity for recklessness.

Latte coffee blends

People who drink latte blends for their go-to coffee, adding milk or cream and sugar, are known as people-pleasers who like to get comfort where they can find it. They are generous with their time and are like open books. They are helpful, going out of their way to assist others, maybe even getting over-extended. They don’t take really great care of themselves at times and they like to soften the bitter sides of life, just like the way they like their coffee.

Decaf coffee or with soy milk, or coffee blends that are ordered to the tiniest detail

Some people would recite the requirements for their coffee down to the tiniest detail, just the way they want it. People who are like this or those who opt for decaf coffee or with a fusion of soy milk are considered as those who like being in control. They can be perceived as being a little selfish and obsessive, and are the ones labeled as perfectionists in areas of their lives. They have a keen awareness of their health, monitoring it constantly while making healthy choices for their bodies. They tend to focus too much on rules and the keeping of order and control. They can be really sensitive, worrying a lot over things.

Found your personality traits in these descriptions? If yes, then you are definitely what you drink when it comes to coffee. If not, then consider yourself an outlier that doesn’t necessarily conform to the basic characteristics of the people who drink your favorite coffee blend. Either way, your coffee is just the way you like it, so let go and relax with your favourite cup of joe, especially when you have your favorite Adore Coffee blend.


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